STARLINK - Customized Bathroom
Cabinet Manufacture in China

Bathroom vanities are often the focal point of a bathroom, so it's crucial to choose customizable cabinets that match your preferred style and budget. Custom bathroom cabinets offer a range of options, allowing you to get exactly what you want without compromise. In addition, toilets, showers and faucets can also be customized according to your specific requirements, ensuring a perfect bathroom solution for your clubhouse, hotel, villa, apartment, home or office. Contact us today to find out how we can support you in designing your ideal bathroom vanity.

How We Start Making
Customized Bathroom Cabinets

Building customize bathroom vanity can seem like a daunting task. Still, understanding the process is critical to creating the bathroom you've always envisioned. In our company, we take great pleasure in our work, ensuring that every cabinet is perfect for all our clients. We recognize that every bathroom is unique, so we work closely with each client to create a design that is tailored to their specific requirements. If you want to learn more about how we start making custom bathroom cabinets, read on as we take you through every step of the process.

Collecting Detailed Information

We work hard to ensure the best possible outcome for your custom cabinetry project. Our designers will work with your coordinator to gather all the necessary information, including details such as dimensions, color schemes and interior spaces, down to the last detail.

Material Selection

Take a few minutes to calculate the estimated cost of a custom bathroom vanity based on an analysis of your space, floor plan, and specific requirements. We'll review and discuss all of these factors with you, including the type of cabinetry you want and how it fits into the overall decor of your home.

Design Scheme

Our team of designers will develop a tailor-made design to meet your specific requirements for custom cabinetry. We provide a variety of presentations, including digital 2D plans and 3D renderings, to showcase the beauty of these designs. Our goal is to provide you with a finished product that exactly meets your expectations.

Sample Approval

Once our design proposals are approved, we will begin production of custom cabinetry. These are exquisite pieces of high-quality furniture, crafted with care and attention to detail, covering every aspect from material selection to construction techniques. Our goal is to ensure that the final product meets all your requirements.

Design Revision

Our top priority is to modify the design according to your requirements. After receiving your feedback on the preferred style and effect of the project, we will make necessary adjustments in a timely manner. Please feel free to inform us of any additional requirements or modifications.

Packing and Shipment

In addition to helping you customize your cabinet. Once the cabinets are complete, we will take care of shipping and customs for you. It is important to pack the cabinets securely before shipping to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.